Gerald Blanchard

Gerald Blanchard is a multi-media artist living in the pacific northwest. He studied film production, writing, acting, and art practice at the Evergreen State College. In 2011 he graduated with his Bachelor of Arts degree.

Storytelling is at the center of Gerald’s artistic work. He has been crafting stories in different mediums utilizing various techniques since he was a teenager. He’s made three short experimental films and is a prolific handmade collage artist. His dreams are to share his stories with others through screenwriting. He writes all the time and reads even more. There is a noteworthy style to his creations and there is even more to be seen with his literary world.

Currently Gerald resides in Portland Oregon working at the Portland Saturday Market. He is currently developing a Horror film blog calledย Horror Slumber Party. ย  Additionally, he is always creating new pieces of artwork which is shared on his Instagram.

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