My collage art is a step into my mind. It reflects my inspirations, my moods, my existence. Using pages from my life (literally) I construct works that display a curious nature that LOVES to explore pleasures. I often use materials that have been considered just “objects sitting on the shelf” and transformed them into a new existence of art. I began working with hard materials  — Vinyl Record Cover art, VHS covers and storybook covers — to recreate nostalgia and memories. As time progressed I used all sorts of different materials from comic books, novels, magazines, newspapers. If it could be collaged, I got my hands on it.

My style is distinct, I often create based on a single image, a fantasy a moment in time.  I break the image. I transform it till it no longer looks as it did minutes ago.  That means ripping, shaving, painting over and other means to construct a different feeling. My creation process is unique as I don’t use brushes. I often use FOAM pads to mount my images down, creating bubbles, ripples and unique textures. A signature of mine is to border the sides with black and then trickle black throughout the construction.

My mediums are always different. I love using stretched canvas mostly because at the end it is easy to hang and looks divine. I am not opposed to using boards, old coffee tables or wood rounds. One time I even carried several large wood panels a few blocks to my house. I was exhausted afterwards.

The thing about creating art in a specific genre — mine being collage — is that after you’ve produced so many different artworks any future creations are created in a trance-like-focused manner. I can just get lost in creating a collage, to the point where some MYSTICAL force pulls me to put this here and that there . Some may ask what inspires you. And I would say, the materials at hand. Every collage I create begins with an idea and continues with how to put that idea into a pleasing artistic visual.  I often lay out shredded images together trying to make the perfect match.  With my collages I tell stories usually centered around fantasy or horror as those are the genres I relate with most.

I do create these collages for other people to enjoy. Often I am in the middle of creating a collage and dreaming of who will connect with the piece and want to take it home. It is such a magical moment when someone goes “that is just me” because it is also me too, in that moment we connect with art and connect our entire lives together, which for me is the most magical moment.  At Mystical Remnants (my shop) I sold my art collages to a variety of people. Art brings people together and that is one of the most enjoyable aspects of making collages.

All collages are created by hand, using mod-podge, tearing and cutting techniques, black acrylic paint and all are sprayed with an acrylic sealer to preserve them.  I have over 200+ different art collages.




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