KING OF is a independent project that I completed in my Mediaworks course at the Evergreen State College. It is an interwoven genre exploding experimental adventure into the depths of queer identity.  Footage was shot by me in areas of Seattle and Olympia Washington.


NIGHTTIME is an independent project that I worked on during my senior year at the Evergreen state College in a program called SOS: Media and Philosophy.  NIGHTTIME and another project called EROTICO were apart of my senior thesis on gay representation in media. Both films utilize recombinant techniques and skills to create both a homage and imaginative new world. NIGHTTIME, in particular is an exploration of gay relationships, the sameness of a couple and infidelity. These recombinant pieces use scenes from gay pornography as visual evidence to explore themes and issues regarding gay men.  Although the subject nature of gay pornography is controversial it is significant to note that these films– were for many gay men– the very first glimpse of another queer person. Cementing their importance as relics of queer culture.  These experimental editing projects brought dusty, forgotten and ignored representations of gay men and sculpted them into a new definition of identity.

For other projects please visit the following link below :

Gerald Lewis Blanchard – Youtube Channel 

LETTERS is a short queer horror film created by Gerald Blanchard and Migueltzinta Solis. This short is a combination of classic horror genre formula mixed with a queer narrative. Finding love and desiring love is one of the scariest themes for queer identities. Revealing yourself, creating an alluring persona, finding the perfect fit can lead to nightmares. Who do we become and who do we really seek out? Inspired by experimental queer filmmakers — Kenneth Anger, Jean Genet and Bruce La Bruce — LETTERS weaves an avant garde, frightening, genre rich story exploring transformation in acquiring desire in queer anonymous hookups. In an experiment in terror the filmmakers both created their own visions of LETTERS. Both independent and in conversation with each other the two pieces use the same footage from a two day shoot in November 2019.

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